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What You Can Do

You can donate to’s work here.

You can read more about the work for cancer prevention on the Huffington Post; see blogs from Bill Couzens, Margaret I. Cuomo, M.D, Congressman Steve Israel, Graham A. Colditz, M.D., Janie Heath.

You can reduce risk for yourselves, eat healthy, maintain a healthy body weight choose local and organic whole foods, exercise everyday, avoid exposure to harmful environmental exposures to include cleaning and lawn/garden chemicals and other harmful pesticides.  Careful in the sun, use shade, protective clothing, hats and sun block.  Avoid those products that may be treated with flame retardants to include clothes and and mattresses. And of course no smoking.

Have a voice in your neighborhood and community to insure your community is mindful of exposures to the unnecessary and preventable exposures that may include lawn and garden pesticides, spraying at schools and other health effected communities where especially children are at risk.  Understand the larger issues that may effect your neighborhood, schools and community when it comes to reducing risk for human health and the environment.

Find out and know how to reach your local, state and national representatives. Understand you have a voice in your communitiy and we all have a role in reducing risk for human health and the environment.

Shifting to prevention requires us to reorder how our culture prioritizes money, human health and the environment.

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