Posted by Bill Couzens Founder Less Cancer

Does it take something off the wall to get an important message out?

There is an important message locked in a sketchy video…

Would this message be making the rounds if it were about facts?

Heres the message.

Current law requires a list of immediate hazardous ingredients, companies do not have to list ingredients that may cause harm more gradually.

Why is it important?

People deserve to know what toxic chemicals are found in their household products. This is especially important for children Children are not small adults; rather, they are a developing version of an adult. Simply put, children are under construction. They are unfinished and their developing systems are quite fragile.

We know, for instance, that in children the brain continues to develop into their twenties, and this makes their brains potentially more vulnerable to toxicants. They breathe much more rapidly, so they take in more toxins through their lungs.

See Video here