Next Generation Choices Foundation Pick two Virginians for The Annie Awards

An award for excellence in the work towards a world of Less Cancer in Memory of Anne M Couzens.

November 17 2009

Middleburg, Virginia Next Generation Choices Founder and President Bill Couzens announced this years esteemed 2009 Annie Awards go to two Virginians Matt Carson and Holli Thompson.

Matt Carson

Matt Carson is of an author from Rappahannock County Virginia. Carson’s recent works include The Attic, A Christmas Story and most recently On A Hill They Call Capital. In 2009 he ran as an independent candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, 30th District seat loosing to the Republican incumbent.

After graduating, Carson founded SiteWhirks Inc., a multiple-awarded Web Development company in Warrenton. He has a wife and 2-year-old daughter.

Next Generation Choices Foundation is the organization that founded the Less Cancer Campaign now over 5,000 members globally on Facebook has been instrumental in reaching the masses on the issue of cancer prevention.

Less Cancer in a two word search on Google is often #1 in a search returning over 120 million and on Yahoo #1 in over 180 Million

Bill Couzens, Founding President of Next Generation and the Less Cancer Campaign said Matt Carson has been instrumental in helping to make the Less Cancer Campaign as successful as it is offering his expertise in marketing and communications.

On behalf of our board of directors we are especially grateful and proud of Matt’s contributions to Next Generation and the Less Cancer campaign.

Holli Thompson

Holli Thompson is a Vice President for Chanel turned nutrition and health coach to corporate, community and business leaders who understand that health, energy and focus is their most important asset in achieving their goals — in and out of the office. She is the founder of Nutritional Style, a company offering Health Coaching, Seminars, Public Speaking, Workshops and Events.

Holli has been instrumental in helping the Less Cancer campaign get to new levels. Not only is Holli has been the founding host to Youtube’s Less Cancer Channel and in a matter of weeks had well over 1,000 views of the Less Cancer tapes. Holli has worked
tirelessly on fund raising and advancement strategies for Less Cancer and has spoken and traveled far and wide for the cause including Capital Hill.

Holli works from her offices in Middleburg, Va and New York City and has clients throughout the east coast and DC Metro area.

She lives on a farm in Middelburg, VA with her husband of 15 years and 9 year old son.

Holli’s unique background allows for her to understand and convey messages concerning human health, life style circumstances and the environment. Bill Couzens said that “Holli’s work as a Health Coach gives her a special understanding and an ability to communicate concepts on human health and prevention.

Last year the Annies went to Linda Sally and Lilla M. Ohrstorm.