Posted By Bill Couzens Founder Less Cancer

Green Tea Linked to Less Stomach Cancer in Women

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – As if you needed another reason to drink green tea: Japanese women, but not Japanese men, who regularly drink 5 or more cups daily appear about 20 percent less likely to develop stomach cancer, study findings hint.

Researchers have studied green tea in cancer prevention because they suspect that the drinks antioxidants may protect against the deadly disease. In particular, it may include compounds that fight bacteria that have been linked to stomach cancer.

However previous studies were inconsisten, researchers write their report in the journal Gut. To get a better sense of green tea’s potential effects, Dr. M. Inoue, at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo, examined six older studies.

Together, these studies involved more than 219,000 men and women 40 years and older, who were followed from about 7 years to more than 11 years. Overall, about four in five of the participants reported drinking green tea daily, with about a third drinking five or more cups per day.

During follow-up, about 2500 of the approximately 100,000 men and about 1000 of the more than 118,000 women in the studies developed stomach cancer.