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Swayze Memoir: No to Painkillers, Yes to ‘An Amazing Ride’

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In a quest to remain mentally sharp, Patrick Swayze turned away painkillers while enduring rigorous chemotherapy treatments during much of his battle with pancreatic cancer, his soon-to-be-released memoir, ‘The Time of My Life,’ will reveal. That, along with the actor’s reaction and stoic acceptance of his disease, are just some of topics found in the book, according to excerpts highlighted by NBC’s ‘Today’ and the NY Daily News. ‘Life,’ out Sept. 29, was co-written with wife Lisa Niemi.

Swayze died Monday evening in Los Angeles. Funeral plans have not been set, however fans will stage a memorial this weekend in the small North Carolina town where the actor’s biggest film, ‘Dirty Dancing’ was filmed. Excerpts from ‘The Time of My Life,’ after the jump.

Discovering the Cancer:
“I had been having some digestive trouble, mostly acid reflux and a kind of bloated feeling, for a few weeks … I’ve had a sensitive stomach my whole life, so I hadn’t thought much of it, but lately I just couldn’t shake the constant discomfort … My doctor told me my chances of surviving for more than a few months weren’t high and I had no reason to doubt him.”

Disbelief …
“I had been excited about the upswing my life was on … Now it all seemed like a cruel joke. I couldn’t be dying — I had too much to live for!”

… And Acceptance:
“I began thinking to myself, I’ve had more lifetimes than any 10 people put together, and it’s been an amazing ride. So this is okay.”

No Painkillers:
“I continued with chemotherapy all the way through the shoot [for his TV show, ‘The Beast’]. But I never took any painkillers since they dull not only your pain but also your sharpness.”

Thanking the Love of His Life:
“How grateful I am that you chose to love me. I know that because of you, I’ve found my spirit. I saw the man I wanted to be. You are my woman, my lover, my mate and my lady. I loved you forever, I love you now and I will love you forever more. SEE LINK

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