2022 Less Cancer Bike Ride America — Registration Is Open

The Less Cancer Bike Ride America kicks off on June 3 and runs for a full month. Every day is an opportunity to make a difference by putting in a few miles to raise funds and awareness for cancer prevention.

For five years now, the Less Cancer Bike Ride America has served as a sort of fulcrum on my ride calendar. The first Saturday in June has become the real mark of summer, of the road cycling season, and a fresh start on spreading the message of cancer prevention.

The event has evolved over the years. I believe it has become more and more accessible with each iteration. Instead of being restricted to those capable of riding 150 miles on back-to-back days, anyone with a few minutes and a bike can get involved. No matter your ability or your amount of free time, we can all make the effort to pedal the path to prevention.

What Is It?

The Less Cancer Bike Ride is whatever you want it to be. With riders from across the country and even overseas, the ride support Less Cancer, a non-profit organization dedicated to prioritizing education and programming that saves lives through prevention.

Somewhere between 30–50% of all cancer cases are preventable. Cancer prevention efforts can save more lives with lower costs than advancements in treatment and research. While ongoing improvements in care do matter, prevention is a more universal cure.

How Can I Get Involved?

You can join the cause simply by registering to ride. Ride solo, get some pals together, or find a Less Cancer event near you; every rider and every mile ridden makes a difference.

Registration is open.

In Traverse City, kolo t.c. hosts a group ride on June 4 for a relatively fast-paced 62-mile route and a 40-mile route as well. You can stay up to date on that event by joining the Strava club.

Ride as often as you can through June 3-July 4 and consider inviting friends and family to join, donate, or simply learn more about cancer prevention at LessCancer.org.

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