In just a few days, some of the most brilliant minds and inspiring people of the cancer prevention community come together. The 2022 National Cancer Prevention Workshop includes three days of discussion, insight, and revelation.

Of course, we would all much rather be back in Washington, D.C. to share this experience face-to-face. The realities of the pandemic and our priorities in reducing risk might obligate us to stay virtual, but last year’s workshop was no less important in a digital format.

Save the Date — February 2–4

The livestream and recorded video elements of the Workshop begin Wednesday, February 2 at 9 am. Over the course of three days, we’ll hear from legislators, doctors, public servants, and cancer survivors to learn more about the many aspects of cancer. With interviews, panel discussions, and more, this is a chance to learn about cancer prevention efforts across the country and from every angle of the fight.

Hosting and leading much of this discussion is Less Cancer founder Bill Couzens. We’ll also hear from Bill about the decades of progress and future direction of Less Cancer.

Honoring National Cancer Prevention Day

February 4 is National Cancer Prevention Day. This disease has claimed the lives of millions of Americans and continues to affect individuals, their families and friends, and our society. It is a solemn day, now five decades since the US declared war on cancer. In that time, billions have been spent on research and treatments for cancer, but many Americans lack the education and resources to make cancer prevention a part of their daily lives.

The cancer experience today has been made even more challenging by the myriad challenges of a global pandemic. COVID-19 has made access to cancer screenings, cancer care, and other oncological resources more difficult. It’s a reflection of inequality in the US how quickly care can be taken away, especially with millions of Americans losing health insurance coverage under the Trump Administration, and still more losing insurance when losing their jobs at the start of the pandemic.



Equitable Access.

As we kick off the 2022 National Cancer Prevention Workshop, I invite you to think of ways to prioritize prevention, provide education, and attain equitably access to quality healthcare for all Americans. Every day is an opportunity to make progress and save lives. That mission is all the more meaningful when pursued on National Cancer Prevention Day.

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