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Another Reason for Health Care Reform: Winning the War on Cancer

Samuel S. Epstein

Cancer prevention expert, professor emeritus at the University of Illinois in Chicago

The cancer epidemic strikes as many as one in three Americans and takes the
life of one in four. After 37 years of losing the war against cancera war that President Nixon originally declared in December 197i the federal government is utterly failing to protect us from this menace. This year, 1.5 million people will be diagnosed with cancer. 562,000 people –over 1,500 every day — will die. SEE LINK

While more cured cancer is one answer- it is not a solution for stopping cancer at the cause-

The progress for the war on cancer has be imbalanced-

When we see increased incidences of cancer not related to smoking it is a headline for looking at cancer in a different way-

Though grateful for the cure —-cancer should not be an expected stage of life-

I have great hope we can do this differently-I look forward to a world of Less Cancer- not more treated cancer.