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New warning about possible link between cell phones and cancer
November 7th, 2008 @ 6:37pm
By John Hollenhorst

The cancer risk from cell phones is unproven, but Dr. Devra Davis, with the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Environmental Oncology, says new studies in Europe are raising fresh concern.

“If these projections are true, we could have a massive global epidemic of brain cancer, and we can’t afford for thatto happen,” Davis says.

A leading expert on environmental causes of cancer. She spoke at the University of Utah’s Institute of Human Genetics. She said, “Let me be clear about something. I can not tell you that cell phones are dangerous, but I have very good reasons for concern.”

A worrisome study by the University’s Dr. Om Ghandi found that phone signals are absorbed very deeply into the brain, and they are absorbed much more deeply into the head of a 5-year-old than they are into the brain of an adult.

She asked, “Now, would you allow your child to smoke? Would you allow your child to play Russian roulette?”

She said precautions are in order until science has answers. She said use a speaker phone or an earpiece and don’t keep the phone on your body all the time. She said that keeping the phone on your hip was a concern because that’s where bone marrow is made, and scientists just don’t know what that means.

She’s calling on cell-phone companies to release billing records so scientists can do proper exposure studies but, instead, the companies offer a two word response: trust us.

Davis said, “I trust in God, but all others have to provide data.”

She said right now, in this country, there are no studies being done. She says that’s unconscionable.

She believes the industry can design safer cell phones but, so far, it hasn’t felt enough pressure to do it.