Creating a world with less cancer is the passion and life’s work of Bill Couzens, Middleburg citizen and spokesman extraordinaire for a world without cancer.

Recently,, the initiative Bill established was named as a resource for, the major broadcast being created by the three major television networks designed to unite the nation against the dread disease.

“This amazing interactive television program will air Friday evening, September 5th and we are so honored to be part of it,” Bill said smiling.

“It’s gratifying to be a resource for, and a real validation of our work and our original mission to have cancer victims’ voices are heard.”

“So many of all of our friends and neighbors, both young and old, are added to the cancer roll every day and while initially our early mission was driven by my personal loss, the reality today is that we all have family and friends that are facing cancer. Cancer is in all of our lives in every community and neighborhood across America.”

Couzens said, “Sadly this year, 1.4 million people will learn they have cancer. Every school day in this country 46 children are diagnosed with cancer. Never before have the incidences of cancer been so high for children and those cancers for adults unrelated to smoking.
Couzens, is a tall, purpose driven, distinguished man whose work is guided solely by the science that indicates we can eliminate and prevent environmental exposures that are either known or suspected to be linked to cancer. Couzens adds “this issue is about prevention not panic, no one is looking to put technology back into a bottle. There are many great technologies to include some life saving chemicals, however we need to be mindful of the unintended consequences.

“Seventy-to-eighty percent of all cancers are linked to our environment with the remaining cases being categorized as hereditary. Almost all cancer comes from outside our bodies. Never before has there been so much cancer”, Couzens states.

“Cancer is not an unlucky roll of the dice. It is manufactured. Nothing about these unprecedented incidences of cancer has to do with luck. Science consistently points to the relationship between those things outside of our bodies to include behaviors like smoking.”
Every day, 1,500 men, women and children die of cancer in the United States and while finding a cure can never be underestimated, Bill states “we must expand our understanding of what can cause cancer to act intelligently on serious strategies for prevention. We must widen our focus beyond treatment and while the cure is critical cancer should not be an expected stage of life.”

“There are things we can do in our own homes, schools and work to remove or reduce those everyday items we assume are safe. We can all make changes in the choices we make,” he emphasizes, “to reduce the unnecessary and preventable environmental exposures that have been linked with cancer.”

In the five years since he started, Bill has reached the masses globally through writing and speaking to raise awareness relative to the environment and human health in an effort to diminish environmental risks linked with cancer.

The website and blog at are packed with data, recommendations, stories and ideas for action. Some are as simple as ‘always wash and peel your produce’…….and ‘try to patronize local vendors whenever possible’… to avoid the many chemicals used to treat produce that must travel great distances before it arrives in your market.

Couzens explains, products that take on the everyday landscapes our homes and schools to include some pesticides and cleaning solutions warrant consumers making a point of understanding what people are exposing their families to when they bring these products into their homes.

The condition of the environment today is the proverbial mirror for human health. Children are different from adults. Pound for pound, children eat more food, drink more water, and breathe more air than adults. Thus, they are likely to be exposed to substances in their environment at higher levels than are adults. Exposure to toxicants may result in irreversible damage, even thoughthe same exposure to a mature system may result in little or no damage.

For me, “suspected” harm is reason enough when making choices for my family, Bill insists. If there is a choice, I take precautions.”

“I believe we can all take actions that reduce cancer causing environmental exposures. My hope is that will help people learn what they can do to reduce their risk. Everyone is interested in a world of lesscancer-there are no bad guys we just need to work together.”

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