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A Timely Truth
Deirdre Imus

This week Time magazine’s cover story “The Truth About Vaccines” carries an ominous suggestion… “worried about autism, many parents are opting out of immunizations. How they’re putting the rest of us at risk.” (June 2, 2008). Finally, a major periodical puts a spotlight on the most emotionally charged and inaccurately reported medical controversy in modern history. And what does Time do? Blame parents for a crisis in confidence created by public health officials. If you were hoping to learn the “truth” about vaccinations, you are not going to find it in this issue of Time.

In her article, “How Safe Are Vaccines?” Alice Park attempts to address growing concerns about vaccines and asks the million-dollar question that parents around the country really want to know. Unfortunately, Park’s version of the “truth” does a disservice to readers when it falls into the same trap that has plagued similar reports; gross inaccuracies, reliance on industry-funded spokesmen whose conflicts are not disclosed, and the all too familiar and constant beat of immunization dogma suggesting doomsday disease scenarios.

Those of you who have read my postings before know that I am very skeptical of both the public health officials and the mainstream media’s ability to objectively and forthrightly cover this issue. The Time article does nothing to change that opinion. If anything, it confirms it.

At the heart of Park’s report, however, is the question about parental rights. Should parents be forced to vaccinate their children given the growing concerns about vaccine safety?

For over a year now, there has been a steady stream of articles about school districts and health departments’ heavy-handed actions towards parents who choose not to vaccine their children. Intimidation tactics that included monetary fines, expulsion from school, even threats to call in child protection agencies were used to try and coerce parents into compliance with the current immunization recommendations. …SEE LINK

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It is critical that health care providers consider the impact of collective environmental exposures and their negative impacts on human health. Incomplete data does not mean safe.

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