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Announcing HuffPost Green: Our New Eco-News and Opinion Section

Arianna Huffington

When we picked June 4th as the launch day for HuffPost’s new Green section, little did we know the Democratic nomination would be decided just the night before.

So today, as well as celebrating the culmination of a historic primary race, we here at HuffPost are also celebrating the kick-off of HuffPost Green.

Ever since we launched HuffPost, environmental issues have been a significant part of our focus — indeed, part of our DNA. In fact, long before HuffPost was even a twinkle in our eye, I was championing, via the Detroit Project, the need to push the nation’s energy policy in a more sustainable direction — better both for our environment and our national security.

And our HuffPost community has made it clear that you are interested in learning about — and talking about — living in a more environmentally-friendly way.

So as we continue the Huffington Post’s expansion, creating a go-to destination for the latest and most useful Green content was a logical next step……see link

Bill Couzens Comments below

I am so grateful to the Huffington Post good works in raising awareness on the environment-often pointing to the sound science that reports on risk to both the environment and human health.

While “green” for many translates exclusively to the environment “green” actually translates too much more in the work to raise the bar on human health. Especially in the work to prevent those suspected and known cancer causing environmental exposures that are both unnecessary and preventable.

What we do in our lives is what counts. Scientist tell us that 70-80% of all cancer comes from outside of our bodies-to include behaviors like smoking.

Cancer is manufactured – it is not an unlucky role of the dice.

Every school day in this country we have 46 children and or two classrooms of children diagnosed with cancer. Never before have the incidences of cancer been so high for children.

We have created a world of great conveniences-with little thought for the unintended consequences for our environment and human health.

Homes in America are filled with products most of us have little understanding. Made of a whole host of chemicals that many of us cannot pronounce much less know what negative outcomes or the role they may have on the environment and or human health.

I congratulate the Huffington Post for providing a storefront that can help all of us help ourselves for raising the bar on the environment and human health. Thankyou.

Bill Couzens, Founder, posted 06/04/2008 at 14:09:28