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Bruce Friedrich

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Relative to the comments on animal protein and cancer, this is exactly why it is so critical to deal in a world of sound science and data.

If in fact Dr. Campbell actually said “no chemical carcinogen is nearly so important in causing human cancer as animal protein”

Then I am assuming he must have overlooked some of the other environmental links that other scientist with concrete data have found to cause cancer.

Environmental exposures linked with cancer have included things like pesticides, tobacco smoke, asbestos, nickel, cadmium, uranium, radon, vinyl chloride, benzidene, and benzene.

As an outsider to the science world it seems to me that if in fact animal fat were the leading cause of cancer as the article suggests than likely we would have seen today”s record breaking numbers of cancer cases long ago.

As far as vegetarianism and world vegetarian week goes there are many health benefits and while I myself still eat and crave meat I am will to give it another try~!

Bill Couzens, Founder