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Posted at: 04/25/2008 02:35:30 PM
Updated at: 05/02/2008 08:36:50 AM
By: Robin De Wind

New technology being used to treat brain and spinal tumors

Today there is encouraging news for patients diagnosed with brain or spinal tumors. New state-of-the-art technology saved the life of one local man.

While at a work meeting, Matt Corson hadaseizure, then he had another one. Once in the emergency room he was diagnosed with having a brain tumor. �Your life changes overnight.�

The aggressive form of cancer was in a difficult part of the brain to operate on, the part that controls movement on the left side. He had surgery but only part of the tumor could be removed.

After a year of recovery, chemo and radiation, doctors at the U of R Medical Center found a new option for Matt. Hope in the form of new technology that would make it easier for doctors to ago after the other half of Matt�s tumor.

It was the chance to prolong my life. You have new technology and you know you have cancer you think about it everyday it never goes away. New technology is a God sent.�