“Cruciferous vegetables are unique because they contain several natural substances called glucosinolates that may help lower your risk of getting cancer.”

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Cruciferous Veggies Deserve
to Shine on the Thanksgiving Table
A Side Dish With Benefits: Veggies Add Healthy Nutrients, Cancer-Fighting Punch
Vegetables like broccoli come attached with a host of health benefits. (PhotoDisc ) By JANET HELMNov. 20, 2007

Share The humble vegetable side dishes often get overlooked among all the showier Thanksgiving staples, such as gravy-soaked mashed potatoes and sausage-studded stuffing. But the real star of the holiday meal should be the nonstarchy vegetables, particularly cruciferous vegetables.

These often unpopular vegetables not only can be served up in enticing ways, but they can have the added punch of helping to fight cancer.