A heartfelt thank you to Traverse City and all the supporters of Less Cancer. Last night’s launch of the Less Cancer Hike and Bike America for 2024 faced an unexpected hurdle as our concert was rained out. Despite the disappointment, the unwavering support and generosity from the people of Traverse City, Michigan, shone through.
Approximately 400 attendees sat in the rain, demonstrating their dedication to the cause by supporting and donating to Less Cancer. I had truly remarkable interactions with individuals sharing their cancer experiences, solutions, and ideas. Standing together in the rain, listening to their stories and connecting on a personal level was an unprecedented and touching experience.
While the rain may have dampened the evening, the genuine connections made with the audience made it all worthwhile. Everyone’s understanding and support reinforced the importance of our mission in cancer prevention.

Traverse City, your support and resilience turned a rainy night into a meaningful and impactful event. Thank you for standing with us and making a difference in the fight against cancer.

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