Less Cancer Bike Ride Committee

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Tom Petzold
Tom PetzoldLess Cancer Bike Ride Committee Chairman
Tom Petzold As a teenager I was drawn to cycling in large part out of a desire to explore and discover new places, at a time well before smartphones, digital mapping and automated navigation. Read More…
Katie Buzuvis-Zautcke
Katie Buzuvis-ZautckeLess Cancer Bike Ride Committee
Katie Buzuvis-Zautcke (aka Katie B) has been a core member of the Peak Team since 2014.Read More…
 Tim Pulliam
Tim PulliamLess Cancer Bike Ride Committee
Tim is the co-founder of Keen Technical Solutions, a company that brings sustainable, environmentally-conscious building and energy practices to forward-thinking businesses around the country. Read More…
Tom Schuler
Tom SchulerLess Cancer Bike Ride Committee
Tom is a graduate from the University of Michigan, represented the United States at the 1976 and 1980 Summer Olympics and was one of the original seven members of the 7-Eleven Cycling Team. Read More…