A woman undergoes a mammogram. Credit: National Cancer Institute

National Cancer Control Month is an annual proclamation to raise awareness for cancer prevention and treatment in the United States. Since 1938, every American president has renewed the proclamation to continue a tradition of cancer-related messaging and education.

Cancer Prevention Remains A Priority

Importantly, this effort places prevention first. While billions of dollars have been invested in treatment research, too few resources have been poured into cancer education and screening initiatives. Proclamations, including President Joe Biden’s 2022 National Cancer Control Month briefing, detail how Americans can access cancer screening that is crucial to early detection.

Some of the most important cancer screenings are:

· Breast Cancer

· Cervical Cancer

· Colorectal Cancer

Investing in Cancer Breakthroughs

In 2021, Biden reignited the Cancer Moonshot project first began during his Vice Presidency in 2016. The Cancer Moonshot initiative includes lofty goals to reduce the death rate of cancer by 50% in the next 25 years.

Cancer Moonshot saw more than $195 million in funding in 2021 alone. Today, the National Cancer Institute has invested more than $1 billion of government funds into more than 240 cancer research projects.

Cancer Prevention’s Role In Cancer Control

Prevention is the most accessible option for Americans today. By adopting healthy habits, such as eating healthily, staying physically active, refraining from tobacco use, and limiting alcohol intake, we can reduce the risk of developing cancer. Roughly 50% of cancer types are preventable. Cancer remains one of the most deadly and preventable diseases in the United States.

Learn more about cancer prevention and how you can get involved at LessCancer.org.

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