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Bill Couzens is the Founder of Next Generation Choices Foundation and the Campaigns Less Cancer and Healthy Town. Couzens is also the visionary for National Cancer Prevention Day.
19 10, 2018

Chemicals In Your Backyard: From Flint to P

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Chemicals In Your Backyard: From Flint to PFASPhoto by André RobillardWe hear about it all the time. From the cancer clusters in New Hampshire to contaminated beaches and waterways all over the country, environmental contamination is always someone else’s problem.In Michigan, that changed in a huge way. When the Flint water crisis finally hit the news, we

10 10, 2018

Yes We Can: Collaboration is Possible in a World of Extreme Thinkers

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Photo by Nicholas SwansonWe live in a time where there is more currency in divisive “us and them” posturing than in unifying collaboration. It’s a constant disappointment to see even the brightest among us jumping on board with those they see as like-minded, simply for the sake of loyalty. “Brand allegiance” now overrules independent thought or

12 09, 2018

Investing in Change

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Photo by Jonathan FranciscaWe hear a lot about change — snappy slogans and uplifting sound bites — but real change, lasting change, requires so much more than words.And while it’s often briefly encouraging to hear that people want to change things, we know that intentions never replace intelligence or strategies when it comes to actually doing something. It’s not one

8 09, 2018

Rep. Messmer Wins Elsie Hillman Speaker Award

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September 6, 2018Rep. Mindi Messmer of New HampshireMindi Messmer Awarded Less Cancer’s Elsie Hillman Speaker AwardMessmer Will Receive Award on National Cancer Prevention DayRye, New Hampshire — September 6, 2018 — Less Cancer is proud to award New Hampshire House Representative Mindi Messmer with the 2019 Elsie Hillman Award for her work in support cancer prevention efforts in New Hampshire and

7 09, 2018

The Sovis Birthday Ride For Less Cancer

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Wes Sovis. Smiling and grinding.This past June, we rode bikes for Less Cancer. This September, you can, too.As some of our more dedicated readers may remember (thanks, Mom) we spent a weekend this past June riding from Flint all the way back home to Traverse City, Michigan for the Less Cancer Split the Mitt Ride. Pioneered

29 08, 2018

Senseless Loss

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Our community has lost another young life to cancer. This is another loss to rhabdomyosarcoma identified in the seacoast pediatric cancer cluster. The double cancer cluster in the seacoast area consists of higher than expected rates of rhabdomyosarcoma and pleuropulmonary blastoma but also almost three times the expected rate for brain and central nervous system

22 08, 2018

New Coal Plan is a Bad Deal for New Hampshire Children

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The Trump administration’s new coal plans will not necessarily create more jobs but according to EPA’s own data, it will certainly increase public health problems.This new plan will directly affect New Hampshire, especially our children. According to a recent release by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) our New Hampshire children already have the highest

15 08, 2018

With the non-stop barrage of news, it’s easy to miss some of even the most important stories.

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Photo by veeterzyWith the non-stop barrage of news, it’s easy to miss some of even the most important stories. Earlier this week, outlets at the local, state, and national level shed light on a new report on contaminated drinking water in Oscoda, Michigan.The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry released a report on a long-term

10 08, 2018

Another Deadly EPA Asbestos Failure

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Don’t let my story become your story.Like most Americans, I thought asbestos had been banned, until my husband, Alan, was diagnosed with mesothelioma. As we searched for treatment options, we realized asbestos was still legal and lethal in the United States. We were angry — and like many others — vowed to work to end the asbestos man-made disaster.The past

5 08, 2018


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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT HEARS “FIRST IMPRESSION” CASE ASSERTING RIGHT-TO-KNOW WHERE DRINKING WATER IS THREATENEDRockingham County Superior Court Judge William Delker presided over the Messmer, et.al. v. Coakley Landfill Group lawsuit heard in Brentwood on Thursday. The lawsuit was filed by state Reps. Mindi Messmer, Renny Cushing, Philip Bean and Mike Edgar, as well as