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Bill Couzens is the Founder of Next Generation Choices Foundation and the Campaigns Less Cancer and Healthy Town. Couzens is also the visionary for National Cancer Prevention Day.
13 07, 2018

A War of Useless Words

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Photo by Kelli DougalWhat a shameful day in Washington, DC. Unfortunately as members of Congress were flexing their vocabularies with fervor about abstractions, real matters are ignored. Matters such as fighting cancer. Our legislative branch was used and abused yesterday, and honestly put off the real work we have to accomplish. We need more than the

11 07, 2018

Public Health Takes Step Forward in New Hampshire

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Photo courtesy of Rich Beauchesne/Seacoast OnlineIt is with great pleasure that I announce the Governor has signed Senate Bill 309 today. This bill is a significant step forward to protect public health in towns like Merrimack, Amherst, Litchfield, Portsmouth, Greenland, Hampton, North Hampton, and Rye.This bill is similar to my bill HB485, which I submitted during

5 07, 2018

America’s Children

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Bill Couzens PhotoIt’s important not to muddy clinical and health conversations with the tinge of politics. As someone who produces interventional programming on prevention, including a collaborative medical program for health care providers including nurses, physicians, and public health professionals, I understand the importance of keeping evidence-based health care clean from political bias. My role as

4 07, 2018

Cutting Through Scott Pruitt’s Deadly Grifter Distractions — What You Really Need to Know about…

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Cutting Through Scott Pruitt’s Deadly Grifter Distractions — What You Really Need to Know about PruittScott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a staple of news coverage these days. It seems every week a new scandal about his questionable use of government resources hits the headlines: having staffers pursue a Chick-Fil-A franchise for his wife,

13 06, 2018


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José Martín Ramírez CFor the last 15 years, I have raised money for Next Generation Choices Foundation, otherwise known as Less Cancer, a public charity 501c3 created on behalf of, and for, the benefit of the public. I felt an urgency to do more than call attention to what was flawed, and instead have devoted these

1 06, 2018

The EPA Turns a Blind Eye on Deadly Asbestos Legacy in Homes, Schools, Workplaces, and Our…

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The EPA Turns a Blind Eye on Deadly Asbestos Legacy in Homes, Schools, Workplaces, and Our EnvironmentJune 1, 2018Today, the EPA released the Problem Formulation Document evaluating asbestos risk. Shockingly, yet predictable, the EPA’s evaluation excludes deadly asbestos legacy exposure and the Libby Amphibole from their risk review. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt adds to our outrage

26 05, 2018

Firefighter Cancer Quadfecta

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During hearings for a bill in the New Hampshire legislature, Christine Jameson from Hampton, New Hampshire gave heartbreaking testimony. She recounted that her 33-year-old firefighter husband Kyle died from what doctors say is a work-related cancer, T-Cell prolymphocytic leukemia. He also left behind a 2.5-year-old child.Unfortunately, the Jamesons’ story is not uncommon. For several years,

16 05, 2018

When Best is not Enough

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Photo by Dan CookBy Bill CouzensBack in 2003, at the height of significant losses in my family due to cancer, the one repetitive thought, the metaphoric itch I couldn’t scratch, was the outlandish idea of a future with less cancer. At the time, cancer and prevention were not words that were used together.In 2004, with the support

2 05, 2018

When Karma is at the Wheel

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Ken Treloar PhotoA year ago this last, February, on a break from emceeing Less Cancer’s National Cancer Prevention Workshop, I found myself attentively listening in on a presentation about pancreatic cysts by Kathleen Haden, MSN, RN, ANP from the University of Virginia. At the time, I was curious about my situation because pancreatic cancer is prevalent