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24 06, 2013

Cancer Prevention – More Than A Sound Bite

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New board member Margaret Cuomo, MD, blogged in the Huffington Post that while improvements have been made in the curricula of American medical schools over the past few decades, cancer prevention is one essential area that is still neglected. The emphasis is on treatment, rather than prevention. You can read more here by clicking

1 04, 2013

Cancer Cluster -Class Action Suit Says Whirlpool Corp. Negligent in Handling Toxins

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From The News-Messanger Chike Erokwu-Staff writer Christina Lagrou was born and raised in Clyde and, by her husband’s account, enjoyed spending time at Whirlpool Park. Lagrou and her family lived a little more than a quarter mile from Whirlpool Park, a park built by the Whirlpool Corp. for it's employees and their friends and family.

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