Mackinac Bike Ride

11 07, 2014

Craig Feringa Joins Less Cancer Ride to Mackinac

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Craig Feringa My name is Craig Feringa.  I am currently an attorney who, in my past professional life was a Registered Nurse.  While I have cared for many people with cancer, I have not had the personal challenges that many of my fellow riders have faced, and it is truly my honor to

17 06, 2014

David Toutant

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David Toutant Hello, I’m David Toutant and I will be returning to do the 300 mile Less Cancer ride from Port Huron to Mackinac again this year. I’ve been a cyclist almost my entire life competing in BMX, Road and Mountain bike racing.  I’ve also made a return to running over the past

11 06, 2014

Miles O’Brien

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Miles O'Brien Ever since I heard about the Less Cancer Bike Ride to Mackinac I have wanted to participate. Unfortunately last year I couldn’t be there but I made a vow then to ride this year – no matter what.   Some circumstances in my life have tested my ability to make good

27 05, 2014

Jeanne Petzold

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Jeanne Petzold with husband Tom My first memorable biking experience started with my future husband in Chicago. I was visiting him in the city. Tom had helped me buy my first road bike in Saline, Michigan the previous weekend and thought it would be a good idea to take me on a 60

2 05, 2014

Beth Skau

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Beth Skau My name is Beth Skau and I will be one of the riders this July on the 300 mile ride for Less Cancer. I am newer to the sport as I have only been riding for about thirteen years; however, I like to say that my love for the sport is

28 04, 2014

Tom Petzold

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Tom Petzold My name is Tom Petzold. I discovered riding as a teenager in northern Michigan. The mystery and intrigue of the sport had a lot to do with the interest I developed in it. My earliest exposure was as a young teenager in the late 1970s seeing my aunt Ruth Petzold’s road bike which

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