Jennifer Conlin is a journalist and frequent contributor of New York Times and founder of Critic Car Detroit – a citizens arts journalism project.



Over the last twelve months I have had the privilege of recording nearly 500 video reviews of people experiencing culture at more than 70 different events throughout the city–be it a riverfront concert in front of the RenCen, an art class at the Detroit Institute of Arts, a sidewalk festival in Brightmoor (one of the most blighted neighborhoods), or a performance by Mosaic Youth Theatre. We cover everything from poetry readings at the Scarab Club to the African Bead museum.


Hearing what citizens think of the happenings in their own city was my goal. It is easy for outsiders and the national media to pontificate on what Detroit should do to fix itself, but I noticed (as a journalist myself) that it is rare for reporters to inquire of the people living here what they actually value in their city. Detroit’s legacy goes way beyond the automotive industry. It has a history of jazz and architecture, of innovation and creativity. Now as we watch a migration of artists from all over the world, joining those who have been creating in Detroit for decades, a vibrancy and team work is occurring like no other.


Less Cancer is also about engaging communities in a discussion–on cancer prevention of one of the worst killers in America where the organizations focus is all about ‘Less”…. “Less incidences of cancer” .


I am proud to join in their cause as I have seen how empowering the people by giving them a voice in their own lives can motivate them to work harder at improving the things they care about–be it supporting culture, or preventing cancer.

Look for us at Move Detroit for December 7, 2013 Bayview Yacht Club, Detroit Michigan.