2014-10-31-jpeg-thumbMy St. Patricks Day is Halloween. While it has been over 40 years since the heyday of my “Trick or Treating” days, I still remember the fine aroma of a pillow case filled with everything from Baby Ruths to Turkish Taffy.

As I became an adult, and I use the term loosely, I was shameless at distracting Halloween beggars so that I might snag a “fun-sized” Milky Way or even better a Snickers. I kept my stash in the freezer, my bank vault for my holiday cheer.

When my children were about age 3 or 4, they too were quick studies and soon understood I wasn’t guarding their Halloween candy.

Today despite the pull I understand the dangers of sugar and how for me it is difficult to burn it off no matter how much I try to move. As I age, it is especially important for me to not just watch, but to search out great foods that are tools for getting and staying healthy.

This year for the Halloween season I sought out Less Cancer friend Holli Thompson. Holli is the author of the new book Discover Your Nutritional Style and she recommended her Green Goodness Smoothie.

Holli and I got together and whipped up her green smoothie that that I found to be the Halloween cure for sugar cravings and ghoulicious!

Serves 2

• one half head romaine lettuce
• 1 cucumber
• one handful of kale, or spinach or chard
• 1 lemon
• 2 cups coconut water
• optional: stevia to taste, 1 inch piece of fresh ginger, or a banana

1. Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender.

If you are looking to change your evil ways and switch up your Halloween for a healthy change, you will want to try this smoothie.

You can find Holli’s book, Discover Your Nutritional Style: Your Seasonal Plan to a Healthy, Happy and Delicious Life on Amazon.

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