Together Creating a Healthier Tomorrow

Partners of Less Cancer in providing excellent education through the National Cancer Prevention Workshop to raise awareness regarding preventable cancers and reduce incidences of cancer:

The Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME) of the University of Virginia School of Medicine serves as a strategic and organizational resource whose activities are designed to foster the development and implementation of competence in the delivery of quality care that are based in evidence-based research and standards of care, facilitate the translation of medical and scientific research into the delivery of high quality inter-professional patient care by physicians, nurses, pharmacists and all members of the healthcare team and patients/consumers. The OCME serves as a strategic resource developing skills/knowledge in medicine/interprofessional CE, promote standards of care, translate medical/healthcare and scientific research into the delivery of quality patient care for physicians, healthcare professionals and teams.

The University of Virginia School of Nursing’s (SON) Continuing Nursing Education designs and implements high quality continuing professional development opportunities for nurses and other health care providers in support of the SON’s mission to transform lives by promoting health and the quality of health care. The SON’s core commitments include: 1) creating innovative models of education and practice, and 2) cultivating environments where our values of respect and honor, relationships and collaboration, recognition and celebration, and excellence are upheld and promulgated. Central to our SON’s mission is the goal of promoting and providing optimal health and compassionate care to individuals and groups by fostering dissemination and application of knowledge from nursing and other professions into interdisciplinary practice.

The mission of the Public Health Program within the Department of Health Studies of American University is to prepare students to pursue professional endeavors dedicated to protecting and promoting the health of entire populations informed by a social justice approach. These populations can be as small as a local neighborhood or as large as an entire country or region of the world.

Join us for the National Cancer Prevention Workshop

Read the National Cancer Prevention Workshop 2022 press release here


Less Cancer’s work to raise awareness about health and environment spans a wide range of issues, including specific contaminants, pollution sources, and healthy lifestyle choices, such as diet, exercise, and nutrition. While we work to protect all communities, our approach is particularly relevant to at-risk populations, such as families and children in low-income communities. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness of prevention and reduce incidences of diagnosed cancer in all people.
— Bill Couzens, Founder, Less Cancer