At Less Cancer, our mission is clear: to tackle chronic health issues, particularly cancer, by implementing effective solutions. Our recent event underscored the importance of adhering to our values. Despite the challenges, the outpouring of support from hundreds of individuals standing united in the rain was truly inspiring.

The annual Hike & Bike America event serves as our primary fundraiser, enabling us to continue our critical cancer prevention initiatives. Though the original plan for musical entertainment was altered, the overwhelming support from our community never wavered.
Looking ahead, we aim to enhance our outdoor venue for next year’s event while maintaining our focus on cancer prevention efforts. Balancing logistics as a grassroots nonprofit can be complex, but the unity and shared purpose we witnessed in Traverse City fuel our determination to make a difference.
The recent event marked the kickoff for Hike & Bike America, engaging participants from over 20 states and captivating online audiences with Traverse City’s resilience and passion.

Thank you all for your unwavering support and dedication. Together, we are making a meaningful impact in the fight against cancer.

Enjoy a few photos from Saturday’s event courtesy of Frank Krywicki, Headwind Agency!