Let’s rock. The 2022 Less Cancer Bike Ride kicks off with a free concert benefiting LessCancer.org.

We’ve found a pretty neat way to get the party started. On Friday, June 3, the Less Cancer Bike Ride gets rolling with a musical send-off by The Steel Wheels. The Virginia-based band is making the trip north to Traverse City, Michigan for a free concert at Mt. Holiday.

Meet the Band

The Steel Wheels come from the mountainous part of Northern Virginia. Officially formed in 2010, the group has played together since 2005, largely as a creative outlet for all of its members. For more than a decade, The Steel Wheels have been stalwarts of the American musical scene, offering several albums between 2010 and 2019.

Everyone A Song

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the band both mourned their isolation and celebrated their fans with their exceptional album, Everyone A Song.

Pedaling the Path to Prevention

The concert kicks off a month-long cycling challenge. Cyclists from across the country celebrate survivorship and advocated for cancer prevention with every mile ridden.

In Traverse City, long-time Less Cancer cyclists are gearing up for an 80-mile ride in beautiful Leelanau County on June 11. Ride a little or ride a lot; we invite cyclists, parents, families, and anyone touched by cancer to join us for the 2022 Less Cancer Bike Ride America.

For more on Less Cancer and just how impactful cancer prevention can be, check out LessCancer.org and consider donating to our kolo t.c. cycling team’s fundraiser.

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