Thomas M.Sherman, M.D. Less Cancer

Thomas M.Sherman, M.D. Less Cancer Chairman

As someone who wears many hats, I have many perspectives on the fight against cancer. I am a founding board member and the first Chairman of the Board of Less Cancer, which is dedicated to prevention of the disease. I am also a physician, a legislator, a husband, and a dad to three boys.
I am proud of the work that Less Cancer does in reaching millions of users via social media, online news outlets and general outreach to people across the country. As a physician, I understand the critical importance of disseminating information that can extend and save lives. As a parent of three young men, I know how the next generation is faced with increased health risks and that arming them with the best information will protect them, their families and communities. As a legislator I have been able to translate the work of Less Cancer into helping educate other policy makers on issues that they may not understand, connecting legislators with science and medicine so that they can better protect those that may not be able to protect themselves.
I also know that when we work to reduce the incidence of cancer we, in turn, reduce many other types of illnesses. If you talk dollars and cents, we know that “prevention” makes great sense, saving taxpayers billions in less joblessness, secure homes, and of course, reduced medical expense, which in the end we all pay.
Our core mission is to turn back the startling increase in incidences of cancer that we have seen over the last 50 years.
Our work has rippled from local communities to the health care establishment, corporations, state legislatures, the halls of Congress and around the world. Each year we have more people confronting cancer, so now more than ever we need to turn the tide for protecting human health and the environment.
Recently, Bill Couzens, founder of Less Cancer, reminded us of the Greek proverb, “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.” It perfectly describes the work of Less Cancer and our efforts for protecting the next generation.
Our current projects and programs, our plans for the future, our work on Capitol Hill, our partnerships with leading organizations and our “Split the Mitt” 300-mile 2-day bike ride in Michigan in June, all get us closer to our goal.
We very much need your leadership, as never before have we had the demands – and opportunities – that we do today. Your contributions on all fronts matter.
Your donation can make all the difference in the world.
Thank you, again, for your help.
Thomas M.  Sherman, M.D.,Chairman Less Cancer