New research has found that a new single-dose HPV vaccine may be just as effective as the standard three-dose version of the drug. This is a promising development to make accessing this vaccine more convenient in the middle and low-income regions where cervical cancer rates are highest.

In a controlled trial involving more than 2,200 women between the ages of 15 and 20, the study found promising results of single-dose vaccine effectiveness.

The study utilized three versions of the single-dose HPV vaccine:

  • Bivalent — creates an immune response to two antigens
  • Nonavalent — creates an immune response to nine antigens
  • Meningococcal — designed to vaccinate against meningitis

Testing after 18 months, the single-dose varieties of the vaccine proved 97.5% effective against HPV. Accounting for margin of error and other variables, this makes single-dose HPV vaccines just as effective against human papillomavirus and multi-dose vaccinations.

Cervical Cancer Statistics

HPV causes cervical cancer. Two serotypes of HPV in particular, known as HPV 16 and 18, have an outsized role in cervical cancer diagnoses. These two variations of the disease account for 50% of cervical pre-cancers. Today, the CDC requires 2 to 3-dose vaccination regimens.

In the US and around the world, 2–3 dose vaccinations slow treatment. Time, transportation, and expense make multiple medical appointments inaccessible to women in many parts of the world, including the middle and low-income regions of the world that are experiencing high rates of cancer.

Armed with a single-dose option, researchers believe complete eradication of cervical cancer is possible. The Cervical Cancer Elimination Initiative, formed in 2020, has identified a goal of vaccinating 90% of girls vaccinated against HPV by the age of 15 before 2030.

Cancer Prevention Matters

Investing in vaccinations and cancer screenings are important tools in the fight to prevent cancer. Other lifestyle changes, including healthier diets, exercise, and reducing environmental pollution, also save lives. To learn more about Less Cancer and our work, head to and get involved.

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