A recent study found that the intensive and expensive clean-up of per-and-polyfluoroalkyl substances will increase by 328% by 2030. The lasting health impacts of PFAS may be difficult to quantify, but the financial impact is adding up.

PFAS Clean-up Costs

Total PFAS treatment and clean-up costs are expected to hit $334.6 million. The funds include several states’ federal, state, and local treatment efforts. Just how much states spend fluctuates based on their known levels of contamination and changing regulatory guidelines. As “safe” levels of PFAS are lowered to reflect changing health insight and data from experts, the need for clean increases.

By the end of 2030, PFAS clean-up of water and soil will exceed $6 billion, according to the findings of Bluefield Research.

New PFAS Priorities

The federal government has focused on PFAS in two important programs since 2021. The EPA’s PFAS Roadmap, introduced in October of that year, laid out a long-term approach to establishing more effective guidelines on the use of PFAS, safe levels of PFAS in water supplies and soil, as well as offering support for areas affected by known contamination.

Additionally, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act includes more than $55 billion to improve water facilities and wastewater management. Roughly $10 billion of the total is specifically earmarked for PFAS and other chemical contaminants.

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A Rising Tide

More than 44 states now have at least some legislation passed to deal with PFAS levels in municipal drinking water. Some of the most widespread efforts include:

  • Establishing maximum contaminant levels (MCLs)
  • Non-binding standards (also known as health advisory levels)
  • Mandated water sampling and testing

PFAS Remediation: On-Going Work

PFAS remediation will serve as a core focus of cancer prevention efforts in the US for decades to come. Environmental contamination from PFAS products is just one concern among several high priorities to reduce cancer rates in the United States. To keep up with cancer news from the US and around the world, check out LessCancer.org and get involved.

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