Today was a great day as I got to spend it with Wendy Pepper of Project Run Fame for a dress rehearsal of things to come from her new company “Houndstooth Soup” a next ‘project of Pepper’s.

I loved this because I had a tasting of a vegetable soup stock simmering on the stove. Jammed packed with colorful vegetables the stock had a vibrant flavor. All of Houndstooth Soups are local, some local and organic and mostly vegetable based.

The “Houndstooth Soup” project came out of a discussion this winter about the incredible variety of healthy and delicious produce grown right in Pepper’s backyard. Pepper and friends had been discussing how they wished they could enjoy simple, locally sourced food.

Pepper say’s “I have always loved to cook and wanted to expand my involvement with the local farmers in my region. I will be developing recipes on a week by week basis depending on what the farmers are bringing to market.” The fashionista- chef is all about “local” and is no stranger to food with her Skylar Hill Confections .

The other side of the Houndstooth Soup duo is Branwell McClory who is going to create an specialty line of croutons to accompany each batch which will allow us to explore a baking component to the project.” Working with team “Houndstooth Soup” is Consultant Master Chef Charlie Hansji, Executive Chef/Consultant of Kainga Epicurean and Bluestar Consortium

Pepper says “our intention is to sell at the Farmer’s market, and distribute to local restaurants and residents on a per order basis. We would like to offer part-time employment and training to locals interested in basic cooking skills and well. Our main focus is to create an entity that patronizes local producers, educates local young people about nutrition and the importance of small business and sustainable dietary practices.”

Please check out Wendy’s Recipe for Chowder Soup Base Below I’m going to try it and will use organic or local organic if I can- I will let you know how it turns out!


2# finely diced Spanish Onion

3 Gallons homemade Chicken Stock

12 Quarts of Heavy Cream

½ # Butter

1 oz. Minced Garlic

2 Fresh Bay Leaves

Method of Preparation:

Sweat onions, garlic and bay leaves in butter, no color. Add and stock.
Reduce by a third of its volume. Add heavy cream. Bring to boil. Simmer gently, whisking constantly.