Our organization’s mission and the elevator speech for our work is “Less Cancer.” Our focus has always been on the global community when it comes to providing information for policies that work to protect human health and the environment with cancer prevention in mind. We have been successful at building a global web community that has translated to action and progress on the ground and very likely in a neighborhood near you.

As an organization, we have intentionally circumvented those “relationships” diluted with special interests that are counter-intuitive to cancer prevention. While often those relationships can translate to well-funded organizations, our choice was to operate from a place where our work would stay on mission and not be influenced by special interest funding. It is an uphill challenge, but not unattainable.

Just imagine if all leadership from government to corporate America operated under the notion of duty, honor and country? Our next generation might look forward to better health than the previous generation, not worse. Instead, the next generation looks forward to increased cancer rates that we can turn around if leadership at all levels gets behind reaching for goals of the greater good not just profit.

The work for Less Cancer continues to keep prevention in the forefront of the cancer conversation. We know, for instance, smoking cessation programs have prevented millions of premature deaths. When we work to prevent cancer, there are many positive outcomes for both human health, environment and economy.

Each year as an organization we are growing and expanding incrementally — we manage to amp up the work, and we seemingly do so much more than the previous year with very limited resources.

I do hear from people who ask us not to stop the work for Less Cancer.

Mothers with tear-filled eyes that ask me to not let other children be taken by cancer. And cancer patients sadly at the end of their battles not asking for themselves but rather so that others will escape the cruel suffering of this wicked disease.

Our work is unique because we are working for goals that seem out of reach. Yes, Less Cancer is the highest star, but it is within our capacity to obtain. As an organization, we are not building monuments for today but rather investing in the future of the next generation.

402975_4976961624586_445714183_nWe are getting information to the masses, communicating with leadership for policies and best practices and actively asking for change. As an organization, Less Cancer is putting ourselves out on behalf of you, your family and your community.

For cancer prevention to become a mainstream reality, we need both program and permanence. Less Cancer continues to work towards providing a permanent and sustaining voice for your family and community.

The time is now to support and bring permanence to those organizations that are actively working to secure your children’s futures — a future of Less Cancer.