Dr. David Katz

11 01, 2014

Lifestyle as Medicine: At a Fork in the Road–Who’s Got a Spoon?

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  David L. Katz, M.D. Hippocrates recognized the power of lifestyle as medicine some 2,500 years ago, testimony to his wisdom and prescience. As president-elect of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, I celebrate the possibility of finding our way back to a future informed by such insight.   But for now, in the

29 08, 2013

Why Dieting Must Die

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by David Katz, M.D. Founding Director, Yale Prevention Research Center   Imagine a family -- or for that matter, any number of families -- in which everyone is hungry, thin as a rail, struggling to get enough to eat, and prone to starvation. Imagine the familial skin tautly stretched over protuberant ribs. Now

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