End of Life

13 08, 2013

Hospice Voices, a Book by Eric Lindner

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Why would I be reviewing a book on hospice when Lesscancer.org is all about prevention? In my experience “prevention” and “end-of-life issues” are marginalized in the medical arena; and it is that very gap that bridges the two. As is the case with prevention, very few resources are being devoted to end of life including

30 03, 2013

Prevention and End of Life-Marginalized in the Cancer Conversation

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That could change at least for end of life conversations. This last Wednesday, Senator Warner spent the morning in Northern Virginia leading a roundtable conversation on end-of-life issues with about 50 hospital executives, nurses, religious leaders, advocates for patients and financial planners. The discussion, held in Loudoun County, focused on issues involved in supporting people

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