1518369_10203056040344682_1575262777_oWelcome Barry!

We have had a very busy week making plans for our epic ride to Mackinac on July 12th. Bill has been tirelessly organizing and logisticating (newly invented word of the day) all aspects of the ride. He is a real virtuoso when it comes to coordinating events such as this. He inspires me to get on my bike and put my best pedal-foot forward for LessCancer.org. I wish I could be as tireless as he, but my part in this endeavor requires at least two tires, therefore I will hope to be as indefatigable.

I am happy to announce Barry Patterson has signed on as a Less Cancer Bike Ride to Mackinac participant! I have known both Barry and his wife Julie for a number of years. They are a terrific couple.

Whenever I am in Detroit, I try to get out on a ride where I can catch-up with Barry. Not only is he a great wheel, he has a positive attitude, a true love for cycling and a REALLY dry sense of humor! When Barry is on the bike, the ride is usually fast and there are plenty of laughs (for those who aren’t, like me, desperately trying to hang on to the back of the pack).

A few years ago, a bunch of us went on a bike trip to Northern Michigan. When the rest of the group decided to do the shorter loop, I continued to do the long loop with Barry and Dave. We were quite a trio as we drafted and pulled each other along the many lovely, tree-lined, roads between Harbor Springs and Mackinac Michigan. We met up with the others for a bite in the little hamlet of Cross Village Michigan and then initiated a fast paceline with the rest of the crew down Highway 119 back to where we were staying near Harbor Springs. In my book, it still ranks up there as one of my favorite rides of all time.

I cannot wait to visit Detroit so I can get out with Barry, Dave, Brian, et al very soon. Let’s nail down a date for an official LessCancer.org Bike Ride to Mackinac spring training ride!