Martha Fruehauf is a Less Cancer volunteer who’s current project is Move Charlottesville for Less Cancer. The event, May 4th will be at the Southern in Charlottesville, Virginia. The event will be featuring the Kentucky Derby at 6pm and dancing at 8pm to the music of the band Love Canon.

    Yesterday’s events at the Boston Marathon drive home, once again, the fragility of life and leave one with a sense of frustration, anger and confusion. In a world where so many people needlessly suffer, why does one feel the need to inflict such pain and horror upon others?

    Cancer has been around for many, many years and, so far, the best and brightest minds in the world have not been able to completely eradicate this horrific disease. As a mother, I am greatly concerned about the world that my children, and their children, will encounter, in terms of disease prevention and quality of life.

    Today we know that roughly two-thirds of all cancers are preventable. This is a statement not meant to lay blame on anyone, but rather to heighten the awareness of all of us about those things that we can do to reduce risk factors.

Less Cancer is an organization that is in the trenches looking at the fight against cancer from a whole new paradigm. That is; what can we do to prevent cancer in the first place?  It may be a very complex topic, but it is one that needs to be researched and voiced in the public forum. People need the information regarding their own health in order to make educated and informed decisions. Less Cancer addresses these topics. If there are changes that can be made, in every area of life, to slow down or halt the progression of this disease, why wouldn’t we want to know about them?  Why wouldn’t we want to make those choices?

    Please join me in support of this ambitious and worthwhile cause. We owe the future generations a chance at a healthy life.