Less Cancer Founder Bill Couzens Speaks at US Capitol Building

Today is a briefing for the resolution for Cancer Prevention Day February 4, 2013 in the US Capitol Building.
Bill Couzens, Founder of Less Cancer spoke. In addition to  thanking Congressman Israel also thanked law makers in individual state that were also recognizing February 4 as Cancer Prevention Day.
Those law makers included State Senator Jill Vogel from Virginia, State Senator Bert Johnson from Michigan and State Senator Nancy Stiles, State Representative Tom Sherman, and Governor Maggie Hassen all from New Hampshire.
Congressman Steve Israel-Co Chair of the House Cancer Caucus had this to say;
“There are far too many who have been touched by cancer, both directly or indirectly. Today, on National Cancer Prevention Day, we commit ourselves to prevention and reducing our risks as much as possible through healthy lifestyles and clean environments. Less Cancer has been a true partner in this fight, and I applaud them for that.”
 The Michigan Senate has adopted Michigan Senator Bert Johnson’s (D – Detroit) resolution to declare February 4th as Cancer Prevention Day. On the heels of the announcement, the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation announced their partnership with Less Cancer to create the LessCancer.org Prevention Fund to instigate research surrounding preventative health measures.Detroit has consistently been included in lists of American cities struggling with health problems.
Self Magazine named the city the 3rd worst city for women’s health, citing high occurrences of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. These problems, however, have caused local health professionals to be national pioneers in finding solutions.“I’d like to thank Susan Foley and the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation for the opportunity to develop the LessCancer.org Prevention Fund.
When we work to prevent cancer, we directly impact other health issues. The DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan demonstrates cutting edge thinking about preventative health measures and the technology, resources, and knowledge to support it,” says Bill Couzens, Less Cancer Founder and Detroit native.

The LessCancer.org Prevention Fund will support research and advocacy to stop diseases caused by environmental hazards, lifestyle choices, foods, etc. The preventative health models being laid here in Detroit will provide the nation with a navigation system they can use. The Motor City has taken their once famous auto ingenuity and has applied it to their health epidemic.

The fund will be a partnership between the CHM Foundation and Lesscancer.org, an organization opening a new office in Detroit. Less Cancer is a campaign of Next Generation Choices Foundation, and is active nationally in the promotion of prevention awareness for reduced incidences of cancer. The organization serves over 20 countries in the social networks.

“The LessCancer.org Prevention Fund is just one of the many projects they have worked on and is opening doors for us to make such a change in so many different ways. We are truly paving new roads in preventative health,” says Susan Foley, Vice President for Advancement for the CHM Foundation.

“For generations, Detroit’s pioneering spirit has led the nation and the work of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation and LessCancer.org is a testament to that legacy,” Senator Johnson said. “By focusing on pediatric medical education, research and cancer prevention, we can save time, resources and dollars that would otherwise go to treatments. More importantly, we can save countless families from the hardships associated with devastating illnesses, particularly cancer.”

More on Nation Cancer Prevention Day to come :