5 08, 2023

Artificial Sweeteners and Cancer: What’s The Link?

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Peek at the label of your favorite foods, and you’ll likely spot several artificial sweeteners on the ingredient lists. Some of the most common sugar substitutes, such as saccharin and sorbitol, have made headlines for possible cancer and health risks. What is the real connection between artificial sweeteners and cancer, and should you be wary?

23 07, 2023

Stomach Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment and More

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Gastric cancer is one of the most challenging types of cancer to treat. In the US, more than 26,500 new cases of stomach cancer are diagnosed per year. The causes of stomach cancer, its symptoms and the relatively limited treatment options make it an extremely difficult disease to fight. What Is Stomach Cancer? Like most

9 04, 2023

mRNA Cancer Vaccines Could Arrive By 2030

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The record-breaking 18-month dash to develop a COVID-19 vaccine could accelerate cancer vaccines by the end of the decade. Similar vaccines could treat autoimmune, cardiovascular and other forms of diseases along the same timeline. So claims Moderna’s chief medical officer, Dr. Paul Burton. The US pharmaceutical company is building on its pandemic-era work to develop

10 03, 2023

WHO Recommends 30% Reduction In Salt Intake

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The World Health Organization released the results of a comprehensive study on the impact of salt on human health. It estimates that reducing salt intake in processed foods could save 7 million lives by 2030. There has been little uptake from food manufacturers to change their products. Salty Foods Cause A Range Of Diseases Salt,

4 03, 2023

Dietary Fiber for Cancer Prevention

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The link between dietary fiber and cancer prevention is among the few well-documented and established correlatives today. Fiber is crucial to human health and provides many health benefits – but most Americans aren’t eating nearly enough. What Is Fiber? There are two kinds of dietary fiber, both sourced from plants. Different plants have higher or

22 01, 2023

How COVID-19 Help Make mRNA Cancer Vaccines Possible

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At least some of the research and development that produced COVID-19 vaccines could shape cancer cures in the future. Moderna, a relatively small biotech company that found prominence during the pandemic, is already headed down that path. mRNA Cancer Vaccines: The Next Step Modern, in partnership with a company called MSD, published findings from a

14 01, 2023

Cancer Screenings Catch Just 14% of Cancer Diagnoses in the US

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A new report found that approximately 1 in 7 confirmed cancer diagnoses is discovered by cancer screening. The study sheds new light on the importance of early screenings to detect cancer before symptoms push patients to their healthcare providers. University of Chicago’s NORC research institution reviewed reams of data on the correlation between diagnoses and

8 01, 2023

The California Cancer Care Equity Act – New Legislation Makes a Difference

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Effective January 1, 2023, the California Cancer Care Equality Act offers expanded access to critical cancer care to all Medi-Cal patients. The legislation positions California as a national leader in equitable cancer care and treatment access – and serves as a blueprint for the rest of the country. What is the California Cancer Care

27 10, 2022

Benzene: The Carcinogen That Pops Up In Everything

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Benzene is a known carcinogen that is banned in the US and most of the world. Still, there are several benzene-related recalls every year, including a sweeping recall of 19 dry shampoo products manufactured by Unilever in October 2022. Why does benzene contamination keep happening? What is Benzene? Benzene is a colorless or yellow

2 10, 2022

Breast Cancer and Weight Gain: Study Finds Close Links

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While weight and body composition have long been associated with cancer risk, researchers in South Korea have evidence that the amount of weight gained and possibly how quickly the weight is added could increase the risk of breast cancer. The database study explored the Korean National Health Insurance Service to identify premenopausal and postmenopausal weight

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