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15 01, 2019

Dingell, Upton, Kildee Introduce Legislation to Declare PFAS Hazardous, Clean Up Contaminated Sites

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Representative Debbie Dingell January 14, 2019 Press Release WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Representatives Debbie Dingell (MI-12), Fred Upton (MI-6), and Dan Kildee (MI-5) introduced bipartisan legislation that designates all PFAS chemicals as hazardous substances and allows the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to clean up contaminated sites in Michigan and across the country. The EPA currently does

21 07, 2018

From the Hill: Trump taps pesticide company exec to be USDA’s chief scientist

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  Photo by Srikanta H. U   "President Trump this week named a former Dow Chemical Company executive who worked in the company's pesticide division to be chief scientist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the third major hire of a Dow alumnus in his administration. Trump on Monday announced his intention

18 05, 2017


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Residents of a condominium complex in Petoskey, Michigan recently learned that their home was built on a Superfund site. They also learned that the air in their residences was poisoned with a cancer-causing chemical at 35 times the allowable limit.

11 03, 2017

No Face of Prevention

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Dr. Nancy Reye and her sons Dan & Tom Cancer-we see the face of cure all around us. Commercials on TV show people battling cancer and going to the leading cancer centers. We see young children and the plea for money to help support treatment programs. These are all noble causes that pull

11 03, 2017

Three Years Ago: Two More Kids With Cancer…

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  As a society, we have gotten used to hearing about people with cancer. Environmental investigations take decades to conduct putting communities at risk of environmental exposure. We must fix the broken system and look at ways to prevent and limit environmental exposures and chronic illnesses like cancer. According to the CDC, New Hampshire has

28 02, 2017

A Public Letter: Secretary DeVos Let’s Make America Healthy Again

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Dear Secretary DeVos, My name is Bill Couzens; I am a proud Michigander and the founder of Less Cancer, a small, underfunded non-profit working to end the over 50 percent of preventable cancers. Our work in cancer prevention is different from the better funded industry of cancer treatment. We feel like the unacknowledged sibling, less

27 01, 2017

10 Cancer-Fighting Charities Doing Amazing Work

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First Published in Vitals Cancer is a word no one wants to hear. A diagnosis comes with shock, fear and much heartache. Unfortunately, far too many families are forced to hear it and watch as their loved ones fight to overcome the cruel disease. Amidst all that pain, however, there are amazing people fighting to