October 24, 2018 — The Next Generation Choices Foundation, commonly known as “Less Cancer,” has named three industry leaders to its board of directors and added one special advisor.

Joining the board is Dr. Jan Kirk Carney, Dr. Janie Heath and Dr. Thomas Uldrick. Also named as a special advisor is Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha.

Dr. Jan Kirk Carney, MD, MPH

Dr. Jan Kirk Carney, MD, MPH is the associate dean for Public Health and professor of Medicine, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, Vermont. Dr. Carney served as Vermont’s commissioner of health from 1989 to 2003, for three gubernatorial administrations. During this time, she created and led the “Healthy Vermonters” initiative, credited by the Burlington Free Press with helping “make Vermonters among the healthiest of Americans and certainly among the best educated about the condition of public health in their state.”

Janie Heath, PhD, APRN-BC, FAAN

Janie Heath, PhD, APRN-BC, FAAN is the dean and Warwick Professor of Nursing at the University of Kentucky, College of Nursing. She has been an endowed professor of nursing and the chief academic officer at the University of Virginia and the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Heath’s primary research program of study involves workforce development utilizing the Rx for Change: Clinician Assisted Tobacco Cessation Curriculum to effectively intervene with tobacco dependent populations in acute and primary care settings.

Dr. Thomas Uldrick, MD, MS

Dr. Thomas Uldrick, MD, MS is the deputy program head of the Global Oncology Program at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and an associate professor of medicine at the University of Washington, Division of Medical Oncology. He is a principal investigator and a member of the Steering Committee of the Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network. His major research interests are the pathogenesis and management of virus-associated cancers, including those that occur in the setting of HIV. Dr. Uldrick conducts clinical and population-based research in the United States and in sub-Saharan Africa focused on the intersection of virology, immunology and cancer with the objective of developing innovative approaches to cancer management in low-resource settings.

Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH, FAAP,

Also named as a special advisor to the board is Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH, FAAP, founder and director of the Michigan State University and Hurley Children’s Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative, an innovative and model public health program in Flint, Mich. Her new bestselling book, What the Eyes Don’t See: A Story of Crisis, Resistance, and Hope in an American City, shares her role in uncovering the Flint Water Crisis and leading recovery efforts.

Bill Couzens

“When I founded this organization it was to minimize the suffering that can come with cancer by preventing this wicked disease,” said Less Cancer Founder and President Bill Couzens, “After many years of educating the public, we understand that education and policy often can address more than 50 percent of preventable cancers.”

Donna Eacho

Chairwoman Donna Eacho said, “Today we facilitate continuing medical education in prevention for physicians, nurses and public health professionals. We are thrilled to have these public health leaders join the board of Less Cancer in advancing the cause of cancer prevention.”

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About Less Cancer

Founded in 2004, the Next Generation Choices Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity known more widely as “Less Cancer.” The organization works to educate the public, create proactive public policies, and offer continuing education credit to physicians, nurses, and public health professionals regarding cancer, over 50 percent of which are preventable. Less Cancer signifies a new paradigm for addressing cancer, one focused on prevention. This is a departure from previous treatment-focused approaches, which focus on beating, conquering, or curing cancer.

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