18 02, 2017

Illness Prevention – The EPA

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Less Cancer Founder Bill Couzens, National Cancer Prevention Day Workshop 2017 Photo Vincent Ricardel Scott Pruitt, the current Attorney General of Oklahoma, has been nominated to run the EPA, subject to a Senate vote in the next 24 hours. Many advocacy groups have produced long and well-documented lists of why Pruitt should not

12 02, 2016

2016 Moon Shot for Cancer: Focus on Prevention

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Margaret I Cuomo, MD with the Elsie Hillman Speaker, Representative Charlie Dent, Pa. National Cancer Prevention Day. First Published in the Huffington Post  It is now 2016, and Americans hope for a brighter, healthier new year. Are Americans healthier today than they were last year or the year before? Will there be fewer

2 11, 2015

VT Senator Lyons Kicks Off Health Policy Week at UVM College of Medicine

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The University of Vermont College of Medicine American Medical Student Association (AMSA) chapter is presenting several presentations as part of Health Policy Week November 2 through 6, 2015. On Monday, November 2, 2015, from noon to 1 p.m., a presentation on “The State of Healthcare in Vermont” by Vermont Senator Ginny Lyons will take place

27 10, 2015

The Time is Now to Lean In

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If the polls are correct, the current political climate is swinging towards an anti-establishment bias, with GOP "outsider" candidates dominating and Congressional approval at all-time lows. Increasingly, people are running away and choosing not to engage in public debate. While the disgruntlement is understandable, I also feel we as a people have become less nuanced

27 10, 2015

Giving Tuesday for Less Cancer

By |2017-11-10T21:04:42-05:00October 27th, 2015|Uncategorized| has been at the forefront of fueling leadership and have been pioneers in raising the bar on human health with the goal of cancer prevention through community engagement, education and policy. Unlike so many other organizations that are reaping benefits from large corporate donors in conflict from like causes we are dependent on

24 10, 2015

Make Steps and Dollars Matter in Cancer Walks

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We all have our socially-motivated priorities and often getting people to share them is a challenge. We see "challenges" to participate in one activity or another, for a wide variety of causes, every day. Since founding Less Cancer, aka Next Generation Choices Foundation, in 2004 I have worked towards educating and creating policies that work

13 10, 2013

Less Cancer Honored- Michigan Senate

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Bill Couzens, Founder Less Cancer and Senator Bert Johnson outside the Senate Chambers in Lansing, Michigan. Lansing, Michigan October 10, 2013 (Next Generation Choices Foundation) was honored in Michigans Senate by Senator Bert Johnson. Below is what Less Cancer Founder Bill Couzens had to say on the floor. Michigan Senate, Lansing Michigan

22 08, 2013

Cancer….. Its Personal

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Cancer is a very personal thing. Seemingly, whenever the subject comes up, someone has a side, a position, an experience. Not just an experience, but a life changing  defining moment in an individual’s life. A disease that for some is not open for discussion, but for many is seemingly the “law” when dealing with or approaching

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