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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When Detroit Says ‘Eat Local,’ It Really Means It

By Tracie McMillan

Tracie McMillan – Tracie McMillan is an award-winning food and poverty journalist. She has worked with farmworkers, grill cooks, and produce managers for her first book, Foodless, to be published by Scribner in 2011.

“Just one year old, Brother Nature was founded by Greg Willerer, a former teacher who’d been growing food for market through Grown in Detroit, a cooperative selling excess produce from the city’s 1,200 community garden and urban farm plots. Today, he sells to 10 restaurants, ranging from Andy Hollyday’s Roast in downtown’s Book Cadillac Hotel to the casual Russell Street Deli at Eastern Market, and has had to turn down several more. Next year, Willerer will boost production on his existing plot (just under an acre) through better organization, add three more lots, and be earning more than he did as a teacher.”See Link