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16 06, 2024

The Cancer Industry Problem: Money Over Results

By |2024-06-16T13:51:16-04:00June 16th, 2024|Less Cancer|

Cancer remains the second-biggest cause of death in the United States despite billions of dollars spent annually on research, treatments, and medical infrastructure specifically focused on the disease. Treating the disease costs the US billions per year, though patients have little to show for rising expenses; actual survival rates lag well behind increased investment. The

5 06, 2024

Less Cancer’s Hike and Bike America Rolls On!

By |2024-06-05T06:52:47-04:00June 5th, 2024|Less Cancer|

At Less Cancer, our mission is clear: to tackle chronic health issues, particularly cancer, by implementing effective solutions. Our recent event underscored the importance of adhering to our values. Despite the challenges, the outpouring of support from hundreds of individuals standing united in the rain was truly inspiring. The annual Hike & Bike America event

2 06, 2024

A Thank You from Less Cancer Founder Bill Couzens

By |2024-06-02T13:09:39-04:00June 2nd, 2024|Less Cancer|

A heartfelt thank you to Traverse City and all the supporters of Less Cancer. Last night's launch of the Less Cancer Hike and Bike America for 2024 faced an unexpected hurdle as our concert was rained out. Despite the disappointment, the unwavering support and generosity from the people of Traverse City, Michigan, shone through.

31 05, 2024

United We Walk, Run, & Bike

By |2024-06-01T09:13:00-04:00May 31st, 2024|Less Cancer|

Physical movement is an important factor in the prevention and treatment of all cancer types, and maintaining physical activity through cancer treatment has shown promising curative effects (Pollan et al., 2020). Engaging in events that champion health, exercise, and bodily wellness is a great way to build social connections and promote the health benefits

12 05, 2024

The Talc Powder Cancer Case: What Consumers Should Know

By |2024-05-12T13:04:15-04:00May 12th, 2024|Less Cancer|

The talcum powder cancer lawsuit has been in the news for years. While several suits have settled in favor of consumers, tens of thousands of cases are still outstanding. Johnson & Johnson and its former subsidiary, Kenvue, are accused of selling talc-based baby powder tainted with asbestos for over five decades. This underscores the importance

8 05, 2024

Less Cancer’s Hike and Bike America 2024 Kicks off June 1

By |2024-05-08T15:28:04-04:00May 8th, 2024|Less Cancer|

Less Cancer’s Hike and Bike America 2024, from June 1 to July 5, is a great way to set and reach your own health goals while helping to raise money to support Less Cancer’s transformative work in lowering cancer risks. Registration for this annual bike and bike event is free. For 20 years, Less

3 05, 2024

Do Microwaves Cause Cancer?

By |2024-05-03T18:23:58-04:00May 3rd, 2024|Less Cancer|

For decades, consumers have both embraced and feared microwaves. The convenience of hot food in a flash has long harbored safety concerns about microwave oven radiation levels, especially among households with young children. Fortunately, most research shows that these handy devices are safe, although fears of cancer from other types of radiation are well-founded.  Cooking

21 04, 2024

Low Sodium Levels and Cancer: What To Know

By |2024-04-21T14:56:48-04:00April 21st, 2024|Less Cancer|

From lung cancer to pancreatic cancer, low sodium levels are a common sign of developing cancer. Along with identifying low sodium, cancer symptoms, and medical screening, oncologists are increasingly using sodium levels as a cancer red flag.  Does Sodium Cause Cancer?  High sodium intake has been linked to an increased risk of stomach cancer

14 04, 2024

Less Cancer Applauds Latest EPA Efforts to Protect Drinking Water From Cancer Causing Chemicals

By |2024-04-14T12:45:43-04:00April 14th, 2024|Less Cancer|

WARRENTON, Va., April 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Less Cancer, a nonprofit founded in 2004 as Next Generation Choices Foundation, applauds the first-ever national, legally-enforceable drinking water standard to protect communities from exposure to harmful per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as 'forever chemicals.' Less Cancer Board Member Rob Billot, author of the book Exposure which is

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