Healthy Town Detroit Launches On Itunes

Pictured Here is Bill Couzens Founder of the Less Cancer and Healthy Town Campaigns and Next Generation Choices Foundation with Holli Thompson, Health Coach, Founder of Nutritional Style and Reporter for Less Cancer and Healthy Town Detroit. Couzens was the producer for Healthy Town Detroit. A premiere of the movie was shown at an evening viewing at the Eastern Market in Detroit, Michigan-the premiere was the kick off for the Healthy Town Campaign.

Couzens and Thompson spoke on Capitol Hill for two viewings of Healthy Town Detroit. Healthy Town Detroit is the first film in a series that will focus on social entrepreneurs in communities throughout the United States.

The documentary covers organizations working to bridge the numerous environmental health gaps in Detroit through prevention. The film features Earthworks Urban Farm at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Local Motion Green, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, the Kresge Foundation, and Kids Kicking Cancer.

Healthy Town’s mission is to educate and increase awareness for healthy choices to include nutrition and preventable harmful environmental exposures in homes, schools, and work places. Exposures are identified based on research and warnings from current sound science of leading experts in the fields of cancer, human health, and the environment.