Transcription for Healthy Town Detroit THE MOVIE
Healthy Town Detroit is a movie produced by Next Generation Choices Foundation-


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Lisa Richter: So we grow about 6,000 pounds certified organic produce(ph), most of which goes into meals, the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

We grow all the berries that we use in the jam and that a lot of times, people don’t know that. They’re like, “Oh, this is so great, your jam. Where did the berries come from?” I’m like, “We grow them all.”

Rabbi G.: When you’re able to deal with what so many people never can imagine, what you’re dealing with, and you’re dealing with it, with this power and creating inner peace, people are watching you. And because they are watching you, you’re having an impact in your teaching.

Holli Thompson: You do. Can you teach me what you teach to the kids?

Rabbi G.: Power.

Holli Thompson: Power.

Rabbi G.: Peace.

Holli Thompson: Peace.

Rabbi G.: Purpose.

David Fukuzawa: About half the population don’t have easy access to grocery store. We decided that in the health area, that we weren’t going to focus on support for medical services per se, but we are going to look at these social and environmental factors.

Mary Mueller: We have a really large population of children in this city, and in this area that suffer from asthma, which could be a life threatening illness. But there is an emphasis not only on healthy eating and good food choices but also on exercise.

Melissa Sargent: Our motto has been “A Better Health Through Fewer Toxins,” and so it is my job to convey the people what they can do in their everyday lives to just reduce their exposures to daily toxins.

Vivian Day: Analyzing the information, breaking it down into simple layman’s terms and then sharing it with the public.

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