Living Thanks.

By Bill Couzens, Founder Less Cancer

When we leave ourselves open to all that is possible we have the opportunity to have miracles touch our lives.

It has been my experience that often miracles wear a mask..and that I am not always certain of the miracle until after the fact.

The power of the miracle does not come with, the long driveway and big gates…

Frequently miracles blend into the invisible.­..they blend into the landscape of our everyday lives.

In the work for Less Cancer..I am blessed to have a front row seat to many types of people and the miracles that they and sometimes I experience and that I am also witness too.

The more I leave myself open – the more I strive to not judge- the more doors open to experience the many types of miracles life provides.

When I practice living thanks -really living life from a place of gratitude- I in turn am allowed to recognize miracles.

As I look to my heart in gratitude to family and friends I also recognize the many who have joined hands for a world with Less Cancer-

With Love, Happy Thanksgiving.