Cancer study is recruiting healthy adults — and their waistlines
Posted Bill Couzens Founder Less Cancer
By Carrie Peyton Dahlberg
Published: Sunday, Apr. 26, 2009 – 12:00 am | Page 3B

The American Cancer Society is looking for hundreds of thousands of people willing to bare the truth about their waistlines, give a little blood, and answer occasional questionnaires for the next 20 years or so.

The goal is to better understand whom cancer strikes and whom it spares, by tracking a half-million healthy adults for at least two decades.

In a tough economy, “this is a way for people to get involved without spending money,” said Kimberly Hicks, a cancer survivor who is coordinating the study’s local enrollment drive.

“We’re thinking it would be very easy for anyone who is in the downtown area to come on over,” she said.

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