Posted by Bill Couzens

Community trust should never be blind
Guest Editorial By Bill Couzens and Maryann Donovan, Ph.D. MPH
January 08, 2009
Have you ever seen a “Do Not Touch” wet paint sign and then touched the paint to see if it was wet?

Unlike wet paint, frequently we cannot confirm environmental dangers with our own eyes or with a touch of our hand. In effort to identify and reduce cancer-causing environmental exposures, often it is not possible to definitively link dangerous environmental exposures to health effects, and there are many reasons why.

A few examples of known environmental exposures that increase cancer risk include: smoking, ultraviolet light, asbestos, some pesticides, hormones, metals, vinyl chloride, gasoline and small particulates from automobile and coal fired power plants.

From laboratory studies, it is clear to scientists that some ingredients in products used in our homes, schools and communities are toxic and do cause cancer…..SEE LINK