Post By Bill Couzens, Founder

David Gorski,MD From Detroit’s Karmanos Cancer Center, Detroit Medical Center and Wayne State University…..has the wrong number.



A quick Google search will reveal time and time again Dr Herberman stating, “I don’t know cell phones are dangerous”. It comes up almost 2000 times.

The AP story you are working from is flawed and it is well known that some of the details are inaccurate.

You did not do your homework.

And you unnecessarily slammed a great man.

Dr. Herberman as I understand it was most concerned about children and cell phones.

It makes sense to me that a lack of data does not translate to safe,especially in the case of children.

Here’s the headline, we live in a time now that while the cure for cancer is on the rise, so is the incidence of cancer.

Every school day we have 46 children diagnosed with cancer.

Approximately 1.4 million people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in the United States this year.

Those numbers for a layman like me are too much, and if someone like a Ronald Herberman- says we don’t know what cell phones do to human health-specifically children – lets use precautions.

I say why not?

Dr. Heberman was the key discover of “natural killer cells” revolutionized the field of cancer.

The phenomenon of natural killer (NK) cell-mediated cytotoxicity against tumors was first discovered in Dr. Herberman’s laboratory in the early 1970s, at a time when most cellular immunologists expected to find T cell-mediated cytotoxicity against experimental and human tumor cells.

Herberman’s pioneering investigations of NK cells have demonstrated that they play an important role in resistance to the metastatic spread of cancer and that stimulation of NK activity by various immunomodulators leads to inhibition of metastases.

Dr. Herberman’s pioneering research and aggressive clinical translation has had a profound impact on many patients around the world, and his innovation and leadership has resulted in life-saving outcomes to many patients.

Lets not lose site of the times when there was a day when scientists, not unlike Dr Herberman were unfairly treated for suggesting precautions for cigarette smoking.

Collaboration and Support is the way we are going to turn the tide on cancer-not name calling. And while ideas may not be shared we need to be on the same side when fighting the war on cancer. The “cure” for cancer is critical-but we must expand our view to include prevention.

Since Richard Nixon first declared the war on cancer in 1971 Americans have poured roughly $200 billion, in inflation-adjusted dollars, into cancer research and cancer drug development between 1971 and 2004.

Clearly with the incidences of cancer not related to smoking that are on the rise we can be doing things differently.

I admire that Dr. Herberman’s works to prevent cancer. In a place like Detroit the cancer treatment industry seemingly is outrunning the automotive industry…..


Bill Couzens, Founder