Children’s Hospital of Michigan
Takes Lead in Protecting Human Health

By Bill Couzens

Recently LESSCANCER.ORG discovered the new wellness garden that Children’s Hospital of Michigan (CHM) is installing will be pesticide free.

Pesticide application sites have been found by sound scientific research to pose human health risks.

Unnecessary and preventable pesticide exposures have been linked to such illnesses as asthma and cancer.
These findings are especially important for a children’s environment where some pesticides have long been linked to compromising human health.

For this reason and others widespread pesticide use is being minimized from environments to include hospitals, playgrounds and schools.

In this day and age of record breaking cancer cases in both children and adults we must look to taking steps to preventing environmental exposures that can compromise human health.

For instance last year in this country reportedly over 14 million school days were lost to asthma.


CHILDREN ARE different from adults. Pound for pound, children eat more food, drink more water, and breathe more air than adults. Thus, they are likely to be exposed to substances in their environment at higher levels than are adults. Exposure to toxicants may result in irreversible damage, even though the same exposure to a mature system may result in little or no damage.

As with cars and seat belts and or cigarette smoking..we know what precaution steps can do can save lives.

Today urban hospitals are fighting to stay afloat seemingly to only expand to meet the needs of escalting poverty, often hospital administrators cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel relative to public health practices that work to prevent illness.

However for Detroit’s own Children’s Hospital of Michigan cutting edge practices are nothing new for the Detroit based medical center that and has long been a leader in serving sick children from around the world and their families. Staffed by more than 2,000 employees, CHM has 460 physicians, 125 pediatric specialists, 600 pediatric-trained nurses; more Michigan pediatricians are trained at Children’s Hospital than at any other hospital in the state. Children’s can be found on the web at