New Limits for Arsenic Proposed by F.D.A. by Sabrina Tavernise in the New York Times Health Section reports that the new standard for arsenic, a carcinogen when consumed in large enough quantities, is 10 parts per billion, equal to the level that the Environmental Protection Agency has set for arsenic in drinking water. Experts said the allowable amount was relatively conservative since people typically drink far less apple juice than water.

Apple juice with arsenic levels that exceed the new target might be subject to action by the agency, including seizure, said Dr. Margaret Hamburg, the F.D.A. commissioner. The proposed target will be finalized only after comments from industry and the public, she said.

Children are of special concern. They tend to drink more juice per pound of body weight than adults, and they are undergoing rapid neurological development that could be hurt by high levels of arsenic. Read more here.